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I am a USC Physician Assistant graduate  in 2003. I have taken Joe Gilboy's  Preparation class for the PANCE. It was very helpful in understanding concepts  of medicine such cardiovascular diseases, pulmonology, gastrointestinal diseases such as pathology, etiology and management that we will as physician assistants need to understand when we will be encountering

Kimberly 2003

I passed my recertification.!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your help. The 

legend of Gilboy lives on. We have a PA student taking your class soon. 

God bless you and your family. You have been such a positive influence 

in my life. Thanks for your support.

Gabby 2005

Dear Joe,

I just got word that I passed my board exam!!! I took it Nov 2nd, and my results came yesterday.  

Joe, there's no way I could have been successful without your patience, encouragement, and academic instruction.  The Lord has truly been gracious to me by placing you in my path. 

Many Thanks,


Drew Class 40 2006


I was the 3rd student to take the board.  Since then there have been 10 of us total........, and we've all passed.

Hi Joe

It's Shelly from SJVC who has been struggling to pass the PANCE.  Well, I am very proud to say that I PASSED!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!  I took your class back in March & recorded you & am thankful I did cuz I was listening to the tape on my way to take my exam & everything you lectured on cardio was on the test!!  THANK YOU JOE!!!

Shelly 2010 

Hey Joe it's Brad Reynolds (classmate with Veronica USC 2004, work at Kaiser Orthopedics) wanted to thank you again for calling me back and explaining the Exam Master explanation on MVP.  I took my re-cert last week and just found out that I passed!!  You're class was great and really prepared me for the exam

Hello Joe,

I am a USC student that took your course at the beginning of May and wanted to send you a HUGE thank you. Everybody I know that took the course, passed the exam.I look forward to coming back for a refresher! Thank you again so much!